1. Support ending HIV by 2025, by funding PrEP and other treatments.

We will provide the New Zealand AIDS Foundation with the funding they need to achieve their goal of ending HIV in New Zealand by 2025 and we will provide the funding for the treatments necessary to make this happen.

2. Improve access to affordable health care for younger, trans and intersex New Zealanders

We will make it easier for younger people, trans people and intersex people to get the health care they need. This will include ensuring health professionals are properly trained in issues around sexual orientation and gender diversity.

We will also ensure all DHBs reduce barriers for trans and gender diverse people when it’s time to access gender affirming healthcare.

Most of all, we will ensure fair access to publicly funded gender affirming surgical options for trans and gender diverse people based on need

3. Provide targeted suicide prevention funding

We will increase the funding provided to rainbow community support and crisis services who deal with suicide prevention. We will also increase resourcing for youth mental health.

To help make this happen, we need to know who needs what, where and when. There is a dearth of information available on the rainbow communities and so we will accurately collect statistical data on our own communities so we can make better decisions on our health, social development and justice for your young people.

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