4. Ensure support for Rainbow Youth in kiwi schools and eradicate discrimination, violence, bullying and self-harm

We all had varying experiences in school. Some of us were lucky but people we know and saw were devastated by the way they were treated. We will take action to eliminate discrimination, violence and bullying in order to combat suicide and self-harm. We don't want anybody to have to go through some of the things some of our youth today still go through.

It’s also important that students understand the diversity in society. That is the key to helping understand each other.
To ensure this happens, we will support schools to make plans on how to deal with bullying of rainbow students, if they are being bullied for sexuality, gender identity, gender expression, or intersex status; and we will make sure they have the funding to do this.

We will also implement the Ministry of Education's 2015 sexuality education guidelines as part of the compulsory health curriculum.

And to make sure this all actually happens, we will make sure the government is looking after us by adding anti-bullying reporting requirements in its review of schools.

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