Rainbow Labour Policy

Labour’s values are enduring values. Our Party was formed in 1916 by working New Zealanders determined that the contribution of all people to our nation should be respected and valued. They strove then, as we do now, for a fair share for all, support for the vulnerable, and hope for a better tomorrow.

As a Labour Party sector, our objectives are to influence Labour policy government policy and NZ legislation to futher ensure equal rights and protection under the law for members of the Rainbow communities. We are also here to create and encourage public policy to promote the welfare of the groups and individuals that Rainbow Labour represents.

This means that part of our job is to ensure that we are keeping up-to-date with the needs of our communities, and to create policy proposals designed to meet those needs. Louisa Wall's winning marriage equality in 2013 was a big step forward for our communities but, as many people know, there is still work to be done.

We have divided the work into four broad, and often overlapping, domains and are in the process of researching and deciding on what we would like to see happen. Not all of what we discuss will make it, but we will advocate strongly for what we believe is right.

Have a read and, if you are interested in contributing to the debate, join us.


We believe that ensuring equal educational opportunity for all New Zealanders regardless of their background, gender, culture, ethnicity or ability is vital if we are to maximize our economic, social and cultural well-being as a nation and as an active member of the global community.



Labour’s vision for health is to build a nation where all New Zealanders, regardless of income or social circumstances, are able to live longer and healthier lives because they have the knowledge to make informed health decisions and the support of a strong and adequately funded public-health system.


Creating Families.

Significant, progressive social change in New Zealand has been driven by Labour. We recognise that, as a country, we are stronger together. We believe that inclusive, egalitarian communities that support and respect everyone’s contributions are the bedrock of New Zealand.


Inclusion for all.

Our vision of a just society is founded on equality and fairness. Labour believes that social justice means that all people should have equal access to social, economic, cultural, political, and legal spheres regardless of wealth, gender, ethnicity, or social position.