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To the New Zealand Government:
Fund the New Zealand AIDS Foundation properly so they can continue their work in preventing the transmission of HIV and provide support for people living with HIV, their partners and whānau.



Labour’s vision for health is to build a nation where all New Zealanders, regardless of income or social circumstances, are able to live longer and healthier lives because they have the knowledge to make informed health decisions and the support of a strong and adequately funded public-health system.


Cross Party MPs Call on Government to Condemn Violence Against LGBTI Community in Chechnya

The Rainbow NZ Parliamentary Network, a cross-party group of MPs, has written to the Minister of Foreign Affairs calling on him to ask Russia to investigate the detention and alleged murders of (perceived) gay men in Chechnya. "There needs to be an immediate halt to the violence against the LGBTI community...

Health budget cut-backs slash NZAF services

Earlier this week the New Zealand AIDS Foundation announced that, due to cuts in their funding, they are having to shed workers despite the surging rate of HIV diagnoses. These cuts are the result of years of National’s cuts to the health system.

Health funding cuts reversed with PrEP pledge

Labour pledges to reverse the Government’s health budget cuts so we can provide broadened access to HIV medicines. The Government has cut $1.7 billion from the health budget since 2010 and, as always, it’s the most vulnerable in our society who are bearing the brunt of it.